It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it that counts!

We don’t believe in data for the sake of data, to be useful to the city and other audiences data has to have context and has to be analysed alognside other data to make sense of the world around us. The data sets we pubish mean nothing if nobody uses them to find new solutions to service design, create new products or crazy artistic visualisations. This is the bit where science meets art, analysis and creativity combine to deliver innovation across a range of areas and communities. This is a demonstartion of the best Open Data projects that we love, some are from Leeds, some aren’t, but they are all great examples of why more businesses should release more data.

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CHALLENGESporting City Commission

The challenge: Leeds has long been heralded as a sporting city, with a stronghold of supporters come rain or shine. What we are less known for however is those small community sports clubs that brave the elements every weekend without fail. We know that local clubs are already active hovering just below the radar, but… Read more »


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Are you feeling inspired? Got a shed load of data you want to share? Or maybe your pet project is finally ready to unveil. Whatever the reason we are always happy to hear from you. Share your stories and suggestions with us here.



The City Dashboard

City Dashboard

Written by / on 5th

The City Dashboard aims to make local data easy to reach and understandable for all.

Image © @RosemaryLHill

Leeds Art Crawl

Written by / on 2nd

Leeds Art Crawl is a a location-based twitter game, created by WetGenes, that crowdsources data to find art in the city