Leeds Art Crawl

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Image © @RosemaryLHill

Created by: Wet Genes & Miz de Shannon
Date: August 2014
Challenge set by: Leeds City Council, Culture and Sport
URL: http://leeds.artcrawl.club/welcome

What’s needed?
A way to capture the range of public art in Leeds, where it is, what people consider to be public art, and a nice photo to show us all what it looks like.

To help inform how we care for the existing public art, what is considered as public art, and how to develop a new public art strategy based on evidence of what already exists have and the public response to it.

So what is Leeds Art Crawl?

It is essentially a location-based twitter game. Open your Twitter app, turn on the location feature, take a pciture and tag it with #LeedsArtCrawl. Tweet it. We’ll do the rest.

With the photos submitted, we’ll get a more comprehensive database of places where art lives or where they used to be. In the future, it would be great if we knew how well these artworks are preserved in their current state or even if they have been vandalized or in need of repair or moved from a previous location.

What next?

We’re building from scratch. We don’t have enough data to see what we can do with the information yet. Our initial plan is to focus on actual Art Crawls – snapping as many photos of art you can find in one go – where we can then plot the route of that crawl automatically which you can then share with anyone interested. This does, however, rely heavily on locations being turned on.

Scores will then be given based on the length of your crawls, along with badges and achievements and even a title you can choose to display on your own profile page. There will be a leaderboard to display the top or featured Art Crawlers / Curators along with a huge map of Leeds of all the art crawled to the present day.

Participants can also give their crawls themes, tag and group them – “Modern Art Crawl for busy, modern people”, “I like long walks of art”, “Leeds Street Art by midnight” etc. – where they could go on and organise on their own, away from the website. All that was needed was active participation and a keen personal interest in curating your own personal route.

Ultimately, we hope for participants to be aware of their own data and how it becomes open data; how it is being used, how it can be manipulated and that the data is out there, publicly accessible and shared for the benefit of others.

Presently, at its current phase, we’re slowly getting data trickling in but there has been about a 50/50 split of participants with locations turned off and locations turned on. This would make it hard to plot routes for photos without locations as they simply would not exist on a map to be displayed. To counteract, we will be providing options for participants to manually plot the locations of their photos by simply logging in to the website.

Contact: Miz de Shannon

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