City Dashboard

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The City Dashboard

Created by: Hebe Works
Date: July 2014
Challenge set by: Leeds City Council

What’s needed?
An easy and accessible way to display the data held in Leeds Data Mill, presenting a picture of Leeds at city, community and ward level for residents and businesses alike.

As the world gets smaller hyper-local content and information is becoming increasingly important. Potential devolution presents an opportunity to focus on matters close at home. Coupled with Open Data there is potential to present a real-time, local community picture, bringing people together and developing tailored services for specific localities.

What next?
A first prototype was launched in July 2014 for very early BETA testing. The team worked with the developer community and have recorded extensive feedback. The second BETA of this complex and technical project will be released later this year for further testing and refinement, before a final prototype is released next Spring.

Contact: Simon Zimmerman

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