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Opening Leeds School of Data

Data Data Data

Taking a ‘zero prior knowledge’ start, the aim is to raise understanding and awareness of data through things the students use and connect with every day.

What is an Open Data Project?

Dot Line Form

Making data ‘open’ is about understanding its story; how it came to exist and what it represents, and then enabling other people to write the next chapter.

Where should I live in Leeds?

Leeds Civic Hall

I was involved in a workshop last week with colleagues who are involved in responding to Freedom of Information (FoI) requests. Changes to the FoI Act now state that if a dataset is requested, we must provide the information in an open and machine readable format to allow re-use.

How qualified is Leeds? I decided to create some maps…

Leeds Heatmap

I know very little about Open Data. In fact, until a few months ago I had only a very limited understanding of what exactly was meant by the term – apart from a vague notion that it probably had something to do with things like Wikipedia and Linux. I have a bit of knowledge, if still not a lot, about data analysis, and I know virtually nothing about coding.

The importance of blending local and national data sources


Platforms such as Leeds Data Mill, Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme, and the Hampshire Hub share a common (golden) thread and bigger prize: They set standards to blend data from local and national sources. This is key to enabling innovative new data-driven tools and insights, focussed around places, people and communities.

The Leeds Data Mill: A New Hope (Guest post)

Otley Floodplains Heatmap

Putting historical floodplains around Leeds (from the environment agency) on a map, and overlaying the last five years planning applications (from Leeds Council) gives us an interesting answer.