Leeds Data Mill on a Macbook screen

Leeds Data Mill is owned and managed by Leeds City Council as a Civic Enterprise in partnership with Leeds-based digital content, data insight and storytelling specialists, Hebe Works.

In March 2014, we had a plan. We wanted to tackle the challenge of increasing demands and decreasing resources in Leeds. The plan is to enable people and organisations to explore the different complex relationships between the city’s services and businesses, by collecting Open Data from multiple sources in a single website, offering a greater insight into the workings of the city than ever before.

With backing from the Cabinet Office’s Release of Data Fund, we launched with the aim of kick starting a new generation of data-driven cities and businesses. We fancy ourselves to be the first platform in the country that brings together Open Data information from multiple sectors across the city, and most importantly helps people to use that data creatively to gain understanding and new service solutions.

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Are you feeling inspired? Got a shed load of data you want to share? Or maybe your pet project is finally ready to unveil. Whatever the reason we are always happy to hear from you. Share your stories and suggestions with us here.


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